Winter in Villach

December 24, 2009

Merry  Christmas and all the very best!


Jutta’s 60th Birthday

November 8, 2009

Alt Nodhausen

November 8, 2009


November 8, 2009


October 9, 2009

asia 229

 Sweet little angel is 8months old.. she was visiting for 3 weeks..

World’s darling…

Back again

September 17, 2009


The trip was amazing.. we saw so many wonderful things.. for some I don’t even have words to describe.. met so many nice people with whom I very much hope to stay in touch…

Alex is visiting Angkor.. I am a little bit envious.. ok, I admit, more than a little bit.. but I shall see the pictures.. 🙂

I will come back with more pictures and more stories..


NEWS August/September/October 09

August 19, 2009


hi there!

Anti, this is  for you, as I did not reach you before you left…  🙂

* wedding in Kärnten (22.08)  + some hiking and stuff

* flight to Bkk and country jumping for the next 3to 6 weeks … see post-cards 🙂

kisses to the rest and see you not sooo sooooon this time…

Wedding Present

August 9, 2009

We got this flight from Alex’s colleagues. I thought it a bad idea, as Alex is afraid of altitude but he managed well, it was me who for the endless length of 10 minutes at an altitude of over 1000m asl  was a whimp. I realized that the sentece “we all must die one day” hat a different inflexion and that it was only technique and God’s mercy who allowed me to be there and enjoy the magnificent views, the softness of the wind and the warmth of the setting sun… it was life in all that.. life below and life above, there was no darkness, no need to fear… and I was happy.. happy to be there and happy to be alive and to know that! I am still wondering where the fear went after leaving me?! 🙂

Alex managed well,  he was enjoying it, even while feeling strange, maybe he is cured now.. 🙂 anyway, we loved it and are grateful for this experince.

Vive l’ALM!

Ipelski Sokolec and Budapest

August 8, 2009

This year’s trip to Attila’s estate 🙂 combined with a short visit to Budapest.

I have been several times in Budapest, but didn’t  really “see” it in the proper sense of the word.. Veeeeery nice place… the best we have seen this time was the Szépmüvészeti Museum which treasures amazing pictures.. 9 El Grecos!!! (he’s most beautiful Madonna is there!!!) Da Vinci, Fra Angelico, Ignes, Masegna, Ribera, Zurbaran, Velasquez, Botticelli.. well, I shall stop… and the architecture of the building itself! well… I can state it here: “we will be back!” 🙂

News August 09

August 7, 2009


Wonderful little angel is 6months old! The soul of her mother and the pride of her god-mother!